Saturday, March 25, 2006

Catching Up

Wow, where does the time go? Well, we finally broke down (not literally) and got a new(er) car. Tough going from no car payment to a monthly payment. But as you can see.... it is so worth it!!! Roxy

2003 Nissan Altima,metallic Pewter color, sunroof, cd player, loaded. Yep... named her Roxy! I find myself purposely having to go somewhere or taking the long way around just to drive and listen to the music! Rogan LOVES her!


After 9 months of waiting... and not patiently I might add, I got the wonderful news from RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf), That I past my Certificate of Interpreting !!!

It hangs well next to my Certificate of Transliterating! Yea.. CI & CT. Finally!!!!!!