Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rogan's Birthday

Rogan turned 6 !!!
My Goodness, How fast they grow !!!
His party was at Jeepers, and there was food, games and fun for all.
Calvin and Rogan on a car ride.
Then there was the pinata..... and Transformers cake.
Cami, Calvin, Cassi and Rogan...
What a fabulous time !!!!!!!

Dads New Toy

You've heard that phrase,
"The only difference between men and boys,
is the price of their toys."
Ha Ha Isn't that the truth!!!
I have to admit it is sharp looking.
He named the truck "Goose."
Says it short for Grey-Goose.

My Solider

On August 22, 2007, Brody left for Army basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
Swearing in and taking his Oath.
He is very excited and ready for this. What a brave decision
considering the current situation in our world.
I'm gonna miss him sooooooooo much !!!!!