Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rare Photos Ops.....

My guys hate having a family picture taken,,, but I will have professional ones done yet!! For now,,, this will do... What a bunch of hamms! Let's try again - with mom That was a little better.... I'll get a professional group picture yet....

Rogan and the Tooth Fairy!

This is one busy little boy!! And one year for losing teeth and having dental surgery. This is before his surgery,,, not all his baby teeth wanted to come out, but the adult ones were already trying to push their way through. It was getting a bit crowded. And you can see the difference and after surgery. The teeth are all growing in together. But it hasn't stopped him from being a boy!

Where has the time gone ???

Boy, am I seriously behind. Let's see if I can do some catch up postings over the next few days. Where do I start???? Brody graduated from Army Boot-Camp, and went on to get his Airborne Wings!!! Close-up of his wings! He also got his Military License. So Proud of My Soldier!!!!