Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Day

Did you vote today??? Did you exercise your American right to decide who you want to govern and lead the country you live in ?? Did you pray about the candidates, the propositions, the choices you had?
Regardless of who our next President is,
(and I, like you, have a stronger preference for one over the other),
this is not an easy role or position to step into.
Whatever past experiences, or famous endorsements,
or how much money they raised for their campaigns.....
when all the votes come in, and the final announcement is made...... We will still be One Nation Under God!!!
A strong country with a rich mixture of cultures, languages,
beliefs, and people. A country with a long and proud history for freedom
and fighting for what we believed in,,,,
Freedom of speech, Freedon of Religion, to raise our famillies
in a safe environment, free of war outside our homes
and in our streets, the right to voice our opinion whether
for or against the establishment
without fear of death or retribution, the right to Vote.
If you chose not to vote,,,, then you forfeit the right to bitch and complain about the results. Cause if you didn't take the time to vote, and make a difference, then nobody wants to hear what you have to say afterwards!!!

So..... Did you Vote today ????

Don't you just Love fall ?

I love it when the seasons change, mornings are cooler,
there's more color in the world, you put on your favorite snuggly sweater,
and look forward to the approaching holidays.

Harvest time. Such a variety of vegetables, the colors of squash, pumpkins, corn, apples,,,,,, Here in the Arizona valley, we dont see these color changes.... but I can see them through pictures. I wonder what the first American settlers felt when they saw all the beauty of the season?? I bet it was breath-taking!!!! Thanksgiving is soon at hand. Are you ready ??

Happy Fall !!!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year we were invited to attend my dear friend Missy's family Hallowwen Haunt and Festival. What an event!!!! My Knight in shining armor !!!!
He loved this costume. But liked the drawn on mustache and beard more.
Missy always has quite the food spread. This year was no exception.
Pasta bar with red sauce and alfredo sauce, meatballs and chicken, salad,
mummy dogs, and lots of sweet ghostly nummies!!!!
These nummy delights are actually cake pops. She got the recipe from Bakerella website. You should check it out. Once grubbing was done,,, the kids were ready for Trick-or-Treat. There was a good size crowd this year. Several Star Wars characters made an appearance including a miniature version Darth Vader, as well as Wonder-Woman, Spider-Man, The WereWolf, a Jeannie missing her bottle, a kitten, a Cheerleader, a Footabll player....
Buzz Lightyear (Cameo's son Levi) and Rogan the Knight
Several houses in their neighborhood were decorated
and in the haunting spirit.
After Trick-or-Treating, there was Halloween movies
to watch on the garage door. They started with
Charlie Brown's the Great Pumpkin.
Congratulations and Thank you Missy and Brian,,,,,
what a fabulous time we had!!!

Rogan turns 7 !!!

We didn't have a party this year. Instead he invited a friend and we took them to Makutus Island, McDonalds and a movie! This is the big tree at Makutus Island. Inside it is a slide, climbing spaces,,, etc. I tell ya, a person could get lost in this tree! Hillary and Rogan had so much fun running everywhere, and hanging on all kinds of things.
The double swirl slide is pretty intense too!!!
Yep! The smiles say it all!
Nothing like a trip to the Golden Arches to make a person feel better.
But the Happy Meal toys really rock!!!!

Can you spot the real animals????

We took so many pictures...... This was just before we left. I love this photo. These sculptures seem so lifelike. More awesome sculptures!!!
Rogan as a snake-giraffe.
This Hippo sculpture was fun to crawl all over.
Can you pick out the real monkeys?
More Hippo time.....
On our way to the car..... tired, hungry and full of smiles.

The boys who turned into animals........

How can ya walk by a face painting stall and not stop??
Can ya guess what Rogan choose???
Yep,,, a HUGE snake!!!! He loved this!!!
Then Jacob was up...... any ideas???

This was a cool face design.

YEP! A giraffe!!!! It turned out so awesome!!!!

Like I said,,,, we arrived with 2 boys, and left with a snake and a giraffe.

San Diego Zoo

Rogan had 2 days off in October, so we took a road trip to California
to see family, while I worked at the call center in Temecula.
On Saturday, Kelli and I took Rogan and his cousin Jacob to the zoo.
Fist stop, Kelli and I to Ladies room.... this is what we saw when we came out.
They look like 2 men sitting on a park bench.

Then we took the bus tour. That was a blast!

We saw so many animals. Seemed they were all out enjoy the sunshine!!!

The Black Bears.....

The Meerkat family and community.....
The elephants.... (my favorite)
Polar bears soaking up the warm sunshine.
The Giraffes - they were waiting to be fed.
Kelli and Rogan did get to feed them.
Gorillas...... Not everyone was soaking up the sunshine.... Tiger preferred napping in the shade.

What a great time we had !!!!!

Jacob and I have never gotten to spend a lot of time with one another.

I loved having this day with him. We talked, laughed, and had a wonderful time.